For centuries the world's greatest artists have expressed themselves using Canson® papers. From the moment it was founded, Canson® has created artist papers that meet the most exacting quality standards, combining the savoir-faire of handcraftsmanship with innovative technologies. The proof can be seen in L’Aquarelle Canson® Héritage, born of our intimate history with the artists of yesterday and tomorrow.

This 100% cotton paper of traditional composition is mould-made using time honored paper making methods, giving it a unique sensory impression, a texture that is sensual to the touch, worthy of the finest “ handmade ” papers. Its innovative design allows for uniform washes. Capture vibrant and true-to-life colors, incredibly crisp rendering, all while ensuring brightness (wet or dry).

Mould-made using the technique closest to that of handcrafted paper,  L’Aquarelle Canson® Héritage is now part of the very exclusive circle of papers with incomparable textures purists can distinguish from a thousand others. This unparalleled paper has many unique qualities.

  • ONCE UPON A TIME IN 1557 …

    The Montgolfier family, paper manufacturers since 1405 and originally from Ambert in central France, settled in Beaujolais in 1557, then in the hamlet of Vidalon, now a district of Annonay in Ardèche. A company history long marked by inventions… One of the most surprising inventions made it possible for brothers Joseph and Etienne to make Icarus’ dream come true for themselves: to fly ! With paper they manufactured a balloon was designed. On December 14, 1782, a balloon rose into the air over the factory gardens. Naturally, this amazing object took the name “ Montgolfière ”. Etienne de Montgolfier, the father of six daughters, passed the company reins to his son-in-law, Barthélemy Barou de la Lombardière de Canson, a name that would soon become synonymous with beautiful paper worldwide.

    Under the Montgolfiers, master papermakers known for the creativity and quality of their crafts, the Vidalon Mill was appointed a Manufacture Royale by Louis XVI in 1784. Over the centuries, the firm unveiled numerous inventions and marketed them worldwide. Its workshops produced the vellum paper so cherished by Beaumarchais, tracing paper, Mi-Teintes® pulp-dyed paper and a photographic paper patented in 1865, used by the pioneers of that art form. Soon after, the celebrated Pochette stole the limelight, finding its way into the satchels of schoolchildren all across France.

    Over the centuries, Canson® has forged very close ties with artists around the world who work with paints, drawing implements and watercolors. Delacroix, Degas, Rodin, Matisse, Klee, Chagall, Miró, Dali, Warhol - the greatest names have expressed themselves using Canson® papers. Canson® created a laid paper for Ingres that bears his name. Montval® watercolor paper was developed especially for Aristide Maillol. Van Gogh’s Shed with Sunflowers, several versions of the Montagne Sainte Victoire by Cézanne and watercolors from Picasso were created on Canson paper - the true embodiment of quality. The emphasis on artist relationships still exists today, and is expressed through important initiatives, such as patronage of the Musée du Louvre or the Prix Canson®, an award that supports the arts and recognises the artists of tomorrow.
"It holds the edge of the edges! Intensity of color remains intact through the stroke. Transparent washes were easily controlled. " Tricia Wente, Bloomington (IN) Watercolor Society member, Professional Artist
"I need a paper that lets me make changes as I paint, and takes abuse without wearing out. This paper does that better than others. " Annie Strack, Professional Artist